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Chloe & Olive

Pillow Inserts | Rectangular Sizes

Best seller! The most beautifully decorative throw pillow is only as good as the pillow inside. Fill your Chloe and Olive pillow covers with our top rated, high-quality down feather pillow inserts. Best fillers that hold a *karate* chop! Our luxurious handcrafted decorative pillow inserts are 100% American made.
This item is final sale.
Please note this item will ship separately from pillow covers*.


Extra large rectangular sizes available here.
Square sizes available here.

10% Down / 90% Feathers*
With a combination of 10% goose down and 90% gray duck feathers, each pillow insert provides firmness and support. Our inserts boast an outer shell made from 100% premium cotton fabric, and made here in the USA. Pillow insert will arrive separately from your Chloe & Olive pillow cover.  

25% Down / 75% Feathers*
Softer than the 10/90 blend, our 25/75 down feather pillows inserts are crafted from a premium blend of 25% goose down and 75% gray duck feathers surrounded by a 100% cotton shell case. Each pillow insert is individually crafted and made in the USA. Pillow insert will arrive separately from your Chloe & Olive pillow cover.

50% Down / 50% Feathers*
Plump up your throw pillow cover with our plush blend of 50/50 gray duck feathers and goose down. Soft and fluffy, each insert is surrounded by a cotton shell case that's handcrafted and made in the USA. Pillow insert will arrive separately from your Chloe & Olive pillow cover.

100% All Down*
Spoil yourself with the softest pillow insert available at Chloe & Olive! Lightweight with an ultra soft-density, these inserts have no quills to poke, will last longer, and are more resilient than down-feather blends. It’s best to fluff this pillow often (daily, if possible) to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Shell case is 100% cotton. Pillow insert will arrive separately from your Chloe & Olive pillow cover.



The following suggested guideline is for Chloe and Olive lumbar pillow covers only:

8x16" cover = 8x17" insert 

8x18" cover = 8x20" insert

8x20" cover = 8x22" insert

8x22" cover = 8x24" insert

10x20” cover = 10x22” insert

12x16” cover = 12x18” insert

12x18” cover = 12x20” insert

12x20” cover = 12x22” insert

12x22” cover = 12x24” insert

12x24” cover = 12x26” insert

12x26” cover = 14x26” insert

12x36” cover = 14x40” insert

14x20” cover = 14x22” insert

14x22” cover = 14x24” insert

14x24” cover = 16x26” insert

14x26” cover = 16x28” insert

14x36” cover = 16x40” insert

16x20” cover = 16x22” insert

16x24” cover = 18x26” insert

16x26” cover = 18x28” insert

16x36” cover = 18x40” insert

18x24” cover = 20x26” insert

20x26” cover = 22x28” insert

20x30” cover = 22x34” insert

20x36” cover = 22x40” insert

20x54" cover = 22x60" insert


*Pillow inserts are FINAL SALE and are not eligible for returns, exchanges, refunds or shipping upgrades.







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