About Us

Chloe & Olive | Our Story

It's pretty simple. We love interior design, fabric, textiles and seeing how different colors and fabrics blend together. You will find us jotting notes down anywhere we go so we don’t miss a moment for our next idea. We are sisters who embrace color, fun print and pattern in a bold, fresh way for the home.

Chloe & Olive is a collection of throw pillows that we love. We curate our collections for those who aren't shy of making a statement for the home. Our look is sophisticated, yet fun. Handcrafted by local artisans and not mass-produced. It’s never mainstream but always functional. We blend two designer fabrics into one accent pillow to create two stunning looks. Just a simple pillow flip for an alternate look. Always individually hand-cut and sewn in Santa Barbara, CA USA.

Our goal is to offer you an effortless decorating style, one that will fit with your everyday lifestyle. Inspired by our fabulous customers and fans, we cannot thank you all enough for your amazing confidence in helping us grow.

Forever grateful,

Tania + Tamara 

Chloe & Olive Reversible Fashion Pillows | Co-Founders