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Fill your Chloe & Olive Pillow Covers with the Highest Quality Pillow Inserts! Our individually crafted Pillow Inserts and Dog Bed Inserts are 100% handcrafted in the US.


The following suggested guideline are for Chloe and Olive pillow covers only:
14x14” cover = 15x15” insert
16x16” cover = 17x17” insert
17x17" cover = 18x18" insert
18x18” cover = 20x20” insert
20x20” cover = 22x22” insert
22x22” cover = 24x24” insert
24x24” cover = 26x26” insert
26x26” cover = 30x30” insert
28x28" cover = 32x32" insert
30x30" cover = 34x34" insert
8x16" cover = 8x17" insert
8x18" cover = 8x20" insert
8x20" cover = 8x22" insert
8x22" cover = 8x24" insert
10x20” cover = 10x22” insert
12x16” cover = 12x18” insert
12x18” cover = 12x20” insert
12x20” cover = 12x22” insert
12x22” cover = 12x24” insert
12x24” cover = 12x26” insert
12x26” cover = 14x26” insert
12x36” cover = 14x40” insert
14x20” cover = 14x22” insert
14x22” cover = 14x24” insert
14x24” cover = 16x26” insert
14x26” cover = 16x28” insert
14x36” cover = 16x40” insert
16x20” cover = 16x22” insert
16x24” cover = 18x26” insert
16x26” cover = 18x28” insert
16x36” cover = 18x40” insert
18x24” cover = 20x26” insert
20x26” cover = 22x28” insert
20x30” cover = 22x34” insert
20x36” cover = 22x40” insert
20x54” cover = 22x60” insert