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Guide to Chop Decorative Pillows

Guide to Karate Chop Decorative Throw Pillow Insert

Do you believe in the Chop? At Chloe & Olive we're all about the Chop! We showcase our designer throw pillows in the most eye-catching way. A dented chop down the middle of your pillow can exemplify the texture and luxuriousness of the fabric, highlighting beautiful colors and in-depth pattern dimension.

We believe in the Chop for both our photography, and also for everyday home decor. A chopped pillow sitting on a comfy sofa, dreamy bed or accent chair ties together a designer room creating a luxe and inviting space. 

Want to join team Chop? Follow the steps below on how to achieve a super fashionable chop on your Chloe and Olive designer decor pillow.




How to Fluff a Decorative Throw Pillow

Grab your decor pillow with both hands and firmly fluff the pillow up. The goal here is to evenly distribute the feathers in the insert to create a fuller, plumper look. 





Guide to How To Karate Chop a Decorative Throw Pillow

Place the pillow down in its designated area, and with a straight, firm hand give it a ‘karate chop.’ You don’t have to be delicate here! Give it a chop, and then see your masterpiece.





Chop Decorative Throw Pillow with Dent in the Middle

Voila! You deserve a black belt with those karate chopping skills. Now you can stand back and admire your beautiful fashion decor pillows with a chic chop down the middle. 



Now that we’ve taken the guesswork out on how to karate chop a decorative throw pillow, you’re ready to dive in and create a fabulous looking pillow mix. Shop our handcrafted designer pillow covers and get ready to refresh your home decor. Need some ideas? Take a peek at our Pillow Combo page for some inspiration.