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  • How to Stuff a Decorative Throw Pillow Cover | 7 Designer Tips

    How to Stuff a Decorative Throw Pillow Cover | 7 Designer Tips

    Want to know how to perfectly stuff a throw pillow cover with a pillow insert? Follow our 7 designer tips that will help you stuff your pillows like a pro.

    Before you get started, check to see that your pillow insert is the correct size for your cover. An insert too large for a cover will feel rock hard and cause stress to stitching, especially at the zipper ends. If the pillow insert is too small, the throw pillow will look saggy and limp. To have the best looking throw pillows (we suggest down feather inserts for a full and plump look), see our Pillow Insert Size Guide for the ultimate fit. 


    How to Best Stuff a Decorative Pillow Cover with a Decorative Pillow Insert

    7 Best Tips for Stuffing Decorative Throw Pillow Cover with Pillow Inserts

    1. Unzip the pillow cover all the way open and lay on a flat surface.

    2. Fold the pillow insert in half vertically (like a taco) making it as flat as possible. Down feather inserts are best for a full and plump look.

    3. Gently and carefully maneuver the folded pillow insert into the pillow cover. Take your time and don't rush. Avoid forcing the insert inside the cover. You don’t want to add pressure to the seams especially at the zipper opening. 

    4. Massage the top two insert corners into the two pillow cover corners farthest from the opening, ensuring that the corners are fully stuffed with the insert.

    5. Once the top two pillow corners have been properly stuffed, push the bottom two corners of the pillow insert into the bottom two corners of the pillow cover.

    6. Press down on the pillow insert through the opening and gently zip the zipper closed, making sure you don't zip over the insert.

    7. Fluff and plump your pillow in all directions before finishing off your throw pillow with a perfect karate chop in the center.


    Thibaut Honshu Floral Designer Throw Pillow Cover


    Designer pro tip: we use 10/90 down feather inserts to fill our covers for a full, plump and chop-worthy look. Inside our pillow shop, all 18x18” pillow cover images are filled with 20x20” inserts. We always use inserts 1-2 inches larger when stuffing for a top-rated look. See our Pillow Insert Size Guide for the best fit.

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