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Pillow Insert Size Guide

Pro Tips for Plump and Luxurious Looking Throw Pillows
We recommend filling your throw pillow cover with an insert that is 1 to 4 inches larger than the pillow cover size (see chart below). Otherwise, if the insert is too small, the pillow will look saggy and flat. We recommend filling our pillow covers with down-feather inserts for a full, high-end look. They have more 'give' than polyester or down alternative inserts so you can easily position the fill into the pillow cover corners for a superb fit. Inserts available here.

We’re always available to answer any questions prior to placing an order.

The guide below is your fool proof way to pick a down-feather insert size for your Chloe & Olive handcrafted pillow cover:

14x14” cover = 15x15” insert
16x16” cover = 17x17” insert
18x18” cover = 20x20” insert
20x20” cover = 22x22” insert
22x22” cover = 24x24” insert
24x24” cover = 26x26” or 28x28” insert
26x26” cover = 28x28” or 30x30” insert
30x30" cover = 34x34" insert

10x20” cover = 10x22” insert
12x16” cover = 12x18” insert
12x18” cover = 12x20” insert
12x20” cover = 12x22” insert
12x22” cover = 12x24” insert
12x24” cover = 12x26” insert
12x26” cover = 14x26” insert
12x36” cover = 14x40” insert
14x20” cover = 14x22” insert
14x22” cover = 14x24” insert
14x24” cover = 16x26” insert
14x26” cover = 16x28” insert
14x36” cover = 16x40” insert
16x20” cover = 16x22” insert
16x24” cover = 18x26” insert
16x26” cover = 18x28” insert
16x36” cover = 18x40” insert
18x24” cover = 20x26” insert
20x26” cover = 22x28” insert
20x30” cover = 22x34” insert
20x36” cover = 22x40” insert
20x54” cover = 22x60” insert